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 An independent publishing house located in Texas has published my first novel WOLLOH.
To purchase WOLLOH click picture or link below.   

Childhood friends Al and Marlon decide to take a road trip to a remote camping site nestled deep in the backwoods of Tennessee. After stopping at a roadside diner, an eerie sense of familiarity washes over Al—their path is very similar to a recurring nightmare that has troubled him for years.

Driven by the fear of psychological disassociation, Al must prove to Marlon that they have somehow exited their normal plain of existence and are now living inside the boundary of the nightmare.

In a maze of diversion, Al and Marlon retrace their steps only to discover an old man–the guardian of the fourth dimension, whom in his nightmare killed his uncle, controls the Mind-Reaper–an unearthly entity that feeds on human souls. Al and Marlon must follow the haunting clues left before them and try to wind their way back to reality.


Hello Family and Friends,


As many of you already know I have spent numerous year's pursuing my dream of becoming a novelist. I am so excited to announce that Black Rose Writing, an independent publishing house out of Texas has published one of my five novels, WOLLOH.


Now that the "HARD" part is complete, here is where I need your help. To help launch my career, I invite you to purchase WOLLOH by clicking the link above. Once you have finished, please, write a review in any of the outlets. AMAZON, BARNES NOBLE, or by posting a blog on FACE BOOK, TWITTER or any of the Social Network sites you visit.
Thank you so much for your support. I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for helping.

Matthew Liburdi


My first review...thank you!



Deceptive Times follows a cast of roughly a half dozen, coordinating, cooperating, and counteracting each other plans to change the fate of the world. Filled with salty language, high action, and even a taste of the supernatural, the story plays out on the page like a Hollywood blockbuster. Intended as the first in a series following the missions of Harry Street, Deceptive Times provides all the backstory necessary to get a feel for the characters, from the loudmouthed Captain Red to the intense behaviors of the terrorists aboard the Seafever. For fans of action movies, this book has all of the sharpshooting, explosions, and heroism you could ask for in a book. As each page and chapter ends, the truth is closer to being revealed, keeping the reader moving forward at a consistent pace.

Thank you, and God Bless,
Matthew Liburdi

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